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Our servicing facilities and experienced cycle mechanics are fully prepared for any type of problem you have with your bicycle. Our servicing rates are among the best in the industry, and we guarantee to have your bicycle completed and returned to you faster than any competitor.



Gold Service

Full Cycle strip down

Re-Greasing, wheel bearings, bottom Bracket and headset

Brake and gear adjustment

Oil and Grease

Replace all worn parts as necessary

Clean up

Gold Service Cost:
£125 + Parts (Bikes without Hydraulic Brakes or Hub Gears)
£150 + Parts (For bikes with Hydraulic Brakes or Hub Gears)

Silver Service

Re-Greasing, wheel bearings, bottom Bracket, headset

Brake and gear adjustment

Oil and Grease all moving parts

Quick clean up

Silver Service Cost: £50 + Parts

Bronze Service

Check Cycle is roadworthy

Brake and Gear Adjustment

Oil and Grease

Bronze Service Cost: £35 + Parts

Frequently asked questions?


My bike has been left in the shed for a few years, which type of service do I need?

Generally a Bronze service is sufficient in bringing your bike back to life, but if your brakes or gears seem stiff it could be a sign that a Silver service is required. Bring your bike in store for a quote and we'll happily talk you through what needs doing.


When you fix a puncture, do you repair the inner tube or replace it completely?

We always replace your inner tube with a brand new high quality inner tube. This way we can be sure that the problem is fixed fully.


How do I know if my bike is worth fixing?

This is a common dilemma when a bicycle needs a few different things fixing at once, and the answer is different for every customer. We recommend bringing your bicycle in for a free quote. We can discuss with you different options including trading your old bike in for a newer one if necessary.


I really need my bike to get to work, how quickly can you fix it?

Most repairs are completed within 3 days. For those of you which need a more immediate service we offer a same day guarantee for an additional cost.


I've recently bought a brand new bike, is it normal for the gears to have stopped working as they did?

Yes that is perfectly normal and is why we offer free services with all new bikes bought from us. Gears and brakes are controlled by long cables, once a bike has been used a few times these cables will stretch slightly which moves the alignment of some parts. This is a quick fix and nothing to be worried about.



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